Forgot to get food before work so when I parked at the garage just decided to get something later after I get into work.

So I pack a bowl and start smoking. Couple minutes later a friend of mine pulls into the garage, I call him over to smoke and magically has Wendy’s an untouched 5 piece nuggets and small fries extra from what had already been ate.

We exchange items and we had a wonderful time lol the universe really brings you what you need if you stay positive, continue giving, and believe that it’s gonna be alright.



when u haven’t masturbated in ages and


damn imma stop masturbating for a while so i can grow cannons on my back and launch torrents of water at people

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“I think I made you up inside my head.”
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Medical marijuana could bring big tax revenue to Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ( ClickOrlando) - Florida could rake in big bucks in sales and tax revenue if Amendment 2 passes in November and medical marijuana becomes legal.

State projections of sales range from $138 million to $5.6 billion. State projections of tax revenue range from $8.3 million to $338 million, according to Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

The numbers are based on the number of medical marijuana patients, the amount of pot they may use and the price per ounce.


When your ass is feeling depressed. 


My roommate bought black toilet paper.


when people say nice things about you


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okay who has a crush on me fess up 

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having a really good joke but executing it poorly


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Behold: florida man driving his pimped out golf cart with his enormous poodle in the passenger seat through the mcdonalds drive thru

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